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Some Things You Should Know:

Camp dates are Sunday, June 23-Friday, June 28, 2019

RFK is A Mission Field In Your Own Back Yard
RFK is not just a “volunteer organization,“ it is a biblically-based organization within a RFK camp operated as a ministry of a local church.
How a person lives their life DOES matter at RFK camp.
It matters how they fit into the team of other volunteers. This is incredibly important.
It matters how they are trusted by the leadership team.
It matters how they seek basic answers to meet the needs of children at crucial moments.
It matters how they impart a hope and a future into the lives of the children.
Your relationship with Christ matters.

Counselors Must Be 18 years or older
Junior Counselors can be 16 years
You are NEVER too old to volunteer

We NEED Prayer Warriors!

12 Hours of Mandatory Training is required for all new recruits
Training Day #1:
TBA at First Assembly of God, 407 Fort Street, Minden, Louisiana.

Application and Background Check are required for ALL volunteers

Once you have applied:
You will receive an invitation for your background check and an interview date and time.